Friday, March 20, 2009

4g Ipod Shuffle

You are looking at the thinnest and smallest ipod ever. The new voiceover technology is the best feature ever. Now you can hear the song title, artist name, and play list name. YES it is small and ppl might lose it.  It is great to carry around for walking and running. Now you dont have to carry your big ipod touch around. Thats the main reason why I got it. I dont want to have my  ipod touch stolen:). Or broken while running. This is smaller than a lighter. All you have to do is clip it to your tshirt put your running shoes on and go out walking. People are complaining that theres no controls to forward or reverse or pause the song. but why would u want to do that? You create a play list. and you auto fill it with your own songs. you know what songs are on there. So why would u want to forward it. Yes the bad thing is. you cant use any head phones with it. But if u take care of your head phones. then the headphones shouldnt break. If your a person that loses things. Then every time ur done using the shuffle put it back in the case in which the shuffle came in. i love everything with apple on it.  If your a big music fan then dont get the new shuffle. If your just using it for exercise. Then get this cuz when your excersing you dont forward to the next song. you just let the new song play.

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